Saturday, January 3, 2015

Top Yummy Left-Over Treat Ideas

The holiday season has ended, sadly. The presents have been opened, the family and friends have returned home, and although the fridge is slightly empty, there are still remnants of the holiday season lingering around the kitchen. Left over eggnog, half used cookie batter perhaps. What is one to do? That's when creativity comes into effect! So before the New Year's gym resolution goes into full effect, try out these yummy left-over treat ideas for the final holiday hurrah!


1. The Ultimate Cookie

My cousins and I tried this recipe this holiday season. There was left over holiday cookie batter in the fridge. So instead of deciding the freeze the batter, we wanted to experiment. Oh what a tasty experiment it was.

 To prepare this cookie we used short bread batter, chocolate chip cookie batter and a mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.

To make you need:
  • Mini cupcake pan
  • Short Bread cookie batter prepared ( or the batter of your choice)
  • Chocolate chip cookie batter prepared ( or the batter of your choice)
  • Mini Reese's Peanut Butter cup ( or another candy bar of your choice)
  • Mini cupcake wrappers
 1.  Pre-heat oven to 350
 2.  Place the mini cupcake wrapper in the cupcake tin
 3. Use a teaspoon to scoop in shortbread in the mini cupcake wrapper as the first layer.
 4. Place the mini Reese's Peanut Butter cup in the center.
 5. Scoop in the final layer of chocolate chip cookie batter.
 6. Bake in oven for 12 - 15 minutes of until golden brown.
 7.  Cool for 5 min and enjoy the ultimate treat.

This is also great as gift for the last minute folks you forgot to add to your Christmas list. It can be a New Year gift.

2. Eggnog Pancake

I love to prepare this meal every year. I love eggnog! So I make sure there is left - over so I can enjoy eggnog inspired delights during the month of January. Eggnog pancake is easy and quick to prepare. You use the same ingredients as you would to prepare normal pancakes. However, instead of milk, you would add eggnog to the batter. I like to include a little cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla to the batter to really turn up the eggnog flavor of the pancake.


3. Eggnog Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is the official drink of the winder season. This sweet treat warms the body and comforts the soul. I look forward to hot chocolate during the winter months. I especially look forward to combining it with eggnog for the holidays. I will admit, this year I cheated and purchase a cup at Second Cup  in Toronto, ON. I heard how yummy the eggnog hot chocolate was there, so I had to indulge. I had the Eggnog Vanilla Bean Hot Chocolate.  It was delightful. It also came in an Eggnog White Chocolate option.  If ever in the Greater Toronto area during the holiday season,  you must have a cup. If decide to prepare this yummy drink at home, simply replace the milk with eggnog.

4. Chocolate Liquor 

This last treat is not a left-over idea. However, it was so yummy I had to share. I came across this jewel during my stay in Brampton, Ontario. This is Chocolate Strawberry Wine. Now, at first I was a little reluctant to try this libation. I was sure it would taste like chocolate covered cherries, which I am not a big fan of. However, after being tempted and encouraged by the lovely workers at LCBO  (the liquor wholesale market in Toronto), I decided to give it a try. It was simply a delight. It had a smooth taste with the right blend of chocolate and strawberry.  It is a great complement with dinner or sweet ending with a nice dessert.

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