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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I'm Hungry! Best Food Delivery in Queens
















So the New York Tri-State area has been hit with another snowstorm. Uggg. Well, what can you do. It's winter time in New York.  The temperature is in the low teens, the snow is high and slippery, the wind chill is blistering and frigid. It's a total headache. After a long day of travels, you're finally home, hungry and not in the mood for pizza or Chinese food. So what is one to do? Well I have complied a list of the Best Food Delivery restaurants in the five boroughs. Now, I have not ordered from all these establishments myself. However, the fabulous people on and have provided some excellent useful reviews.  When we can't go to the best, we want the best to come us! So happy ordering and bon app├ętit! 


1.  Henricas Restaurant   - Caribbean/ Chinese - Rosedale

I ordered food from this restaurant for first time today and it was De-Lish! I learned of Henricas from a review on Yelp and I am glad I listened. I ordered from the lunch menu and the food arrived in 30 minutes as stated by the phone operator. I was timing it. lol.  I ordered the Jerk Chicken Pasta Alfredo and Brown Stewed Salmon.

The Jerk Chicken Pasta was truly a sensational ride of flavor. It had just the right amount of jerk spices. The sauce was rich and creamy with a great mix of chicken, pasta and crunchy bell peppers. The Brown Stewed Salmon was ok. However, its counterparts of rice and peas with mixed vegetable were very delightful. Both meals were generous portions and came with complementary slices of Red Velvet cake. I was quite surprised and excited when the cake slid out of the bag. The cake was light and moist with a fluffy cream cheese frosting. It was simply superb!

I truly enjoyed the food and look forward to ordering from Henricas in the future.

Jerk Chicken Pasta Alfredo

Brown Stewed Salmon

Red Velvet cake


2. Tandoori Hut - Indian Food - Ozone Park

Lauren L :

" One of my fav delivery spots in the restaurant wasteland that is Richmond Hill/Ozone Park.

Their chicken tikka masala is the best in the area: sharable portion of chicken in a puddle of super delicious sauce. I also love their aloo gobi and szechaun cauliflower (Indian/Chinese fusion is awesome!)

Service is wonderful, the owner is kind and attentive, I definitely order from here at least once a week."
  Read more 


3. Village Grill - Greek American, Richmond Hill

Kevin C:

"Solid local Greek place in FH. Delivery is usually fast and the food is yummy.  But eating the food fresh out of the kitchen at the restaurant is so much better. They really use fresh, quality ingredients and you can tell from the first bite. Also, their service is very very friendly and efficient."  Read more


4. Bella Caracas Cafe - Venezuelan, Middle Village **This place is Delicious!**


"So happy that Middle Village finally has a Latin restaurant option!  Overall, great service and excellent food!  I would eat here again or order delivery without a doubt!

We had the special for the night, the Carne Salteado, and two arepas: the Vuelvo a la Vida (seafood mix) and the Falcon (Venezuelan cheese, avocado, sweet plantain).  Everything was great - the Falcon is outstanding.  We also tried the Tostoncitos as an appetizer which came with a delicious sauce and the Coconut Milkshake.

The flan is made on the premises and is delicious as well! "
Read more


5.  CJ's Cafe - Sandwiches,   Fresh Meadows

Sue S:

"This is by far one of the best sandwich places I ever ate from. I never went in their restaurant but I ordered numerous times from seamless. Delivery is on point and the sandwiches are wrapped neatly and the prices are actually a bit high for me. But I think it's worth it. They make delicious spreads for their sandwiches and they have different types of breads to choose from. This place is also like a convenience store you can buy snacks if you want. I ordered from their breakfast menu and its great. I ordered chicken fingers, cheese fries, and sweet potato fries for my daughter. But one of the few things I think their not good at making is the sweet potato fries but everything else is great. I love their smoothies also!!!! I'm so grateful that they are one of the choices I have on seamless."

Amazing frozen vanilla latte! Obsessed! & really great pressed turkey, cheddar, bacon, cranberry spread sandwich. Tried the recommended chicken avocado sandwich but it was just alright. Tasty hearty soups as well! Try the Italian wedding soup (hard to find!)" Read more

6. Sushi Akio   - Japanese, Sushi Bar - Forest Hills

Maxine S:

"SO GOOD!! This review is based solely on their food.  I've ordered delivery from here twice but I've never actually been to the restaurant.

The ginger salad, miso soup, gyoza and rolls are delicious.  Everything is so fresh.  You can actually taste the difference because of the freshness.

I need to actually go by and dine in sometime soon. 100% recommended for delicious sushi." Read more


7.  Seoul Fusion Eatery  - Koren, Astoria 

Kim L:

"It's a relief to finally see a Korean place in Astoria. The place is run by a kind family, and dishes made by none other than grandma. Some of the staff doesn't speak Korean, but grandma and definitely son does. So don't fret, the food is made by Korean people!

I lived in Korea for 3 years so my standards of Korean food are high. Some of the dishes are good (i.e. the odeng soup), but some are just whatever (the kimbap). My biggest pet peeve is that none of the dishes were made with sesame leaf (a staple in Korean food). Also, the food is good, but not FANTASTIC, meaning there needs to be an extra kick of gochujang or something added. However, if you're just looking for a local Korean fix, the eatery is good enough.

The kimchi is pretty on point. Even in Korea, cheap restaurants won't serve kimchi like this place.

Delivery is a plus too, as very few Korean places will deliver."


 8. Mister Chicken To Go  - Fried Chicken,  Woodside


"Wow I'm very impressed. I ordered here for delivery last week and it was great. I had low expectations but when the food arrived it was amazing. I got chicken fingers deliciously seasoned and tender. I had fried chicken as well it was still crispy when I ate it which is hard to find when you order for delivery. The Mac and cheese and roasted beets again very impressed and I'm rarely impressed with restaurant Mac and cheese. I will order again! Love it!" Read more

9. Burger Club   -  Burgers, Astoria

"I've partaken in Burger Club's offerings twice (once delivery and once in the restaurant), and I've been a fan both times. I'll definitely be back / ordering again!

FOOD: their burgers are simply TASTY. Cooked well, with a quality bun, and they do all the toppings (or specialty burgers) really well. They cater to your requests, and the outcome is an awesome burger. If you're like me and good with a plain old fashioned cheeseburger, the base burger starts at $7.75 and then whatever additional charge for the cheese of your choice. Me likey. Also, the house fries are delicious. What really got me about Burger Club, and convinced me to come in, was that when I ordered from Seamless, it was both fast and the bun was not at all soggy (as often happens with delivery). Color me impressed.

SERVICE: as I said, the delivery was fast, and the service we received on Tuesday night was great. Server was nice and attentive, and they didn't seem to mind while I waited for about 20 minutes for the person I was meeting to show up (train delays).

Overall, definitely a place I could see myself becoming a regular at. Backward sign and all.Read more

10.  New Shanghai Restaurant  -  Chinese, Japanese - Kew Gardens

Eva C:

"Funny thing is I've never been to the place, don't know where it is BUT my boyfriend and I ordered from New Shanghai 2-3 times a week !!! We typically order their Sushi Regular, Sushi Deluxe, Chicken Katsu dinner or eel rolls and combos.... ALL of them are very good.  I guess we consistently order from here because of their service and quick delivery.  The lady answering the phone is super nice and already knows what i want just by calling in !" Read more

Next Brooklyn....



Friday, January 3, 2014

Toronto Feature - REVIEW: Harlem Restaurant

Harlem Restaurant

My trip to Canada concluded with dinner at  Harlem Restaurant in downtown Toronto. I tell you, this was the best food I tasted during my trip. I dinned at the 67 Richmond St. E location of the restaurant. As soon as I walked through the door I feel in love with this eatery.  +Harlem Restaurant serves Southern Caribbean cuisine.  Now, being a gal of the south and Jamaica W.I., I had to authenticate this concoction of flavor.




I entered the establishment as was mesmerized by the charming hanging red curtain and phonograph that lead to the main dining area. I parted the curtains and was instantly drawn in by the welcoming embrace of the eclectic environment. The  warm red covered walls, the intimate space, the beautiful assortment of color infused original paintings, created a soulful inviting atmosphere. I loved the artsy feel of the interior. The owner did an excellent job capturing the art inspired Harlem Renaissance aspect of Harlem, NY.

Harlem Restaurant

I had the delightful impromptu opportunity to sit down and chat with owner and chef Carl Cassell.

Carl Cassell
Owner/Chef  Carl Cassell

Shuga: What is the inspiration behind Harlem Restaurant?
Cassell: Harlem is the evolution of another restaurant I owned named Irie. Harlem is more inclusive of the entire diaspora. At Harlem we can provide an inclusive menu of Southern and Caribbean style of cooking. The people from the south cook food similar to the way we [Caribbean people] do. Like collard greens which would be our [Jamaicans] version of callaloo.

Shuga: How long has Harlem been in existence?
Cassell: We have been opened for 7 years. 

Shuga: Why did you choose Harlem as the name of restaurant?
Cassell: Harlem is instantly recognizable. I wanted to evoke a response in people that they'll never forget it. Positive or negative, I wanted it to leave "you" with an impression. That's what I wanted to do, "kick the door open."

Shuga: What is the inspiration behind the decor?
Cassell:  The decor is inspired by the 1920's. The original name was Harlem 1920. As you come through the door you will see the phonograph. It's kind of a 1920's art deco feel. The deep it a bold feel.

Shuga: I understand you have weekly live entertainment.
Cassell:  Yes. That was kind of our mantra. That's what created Harlem in a sense. When I had Irie, which has been converted into a Harlem as well, it kind of became the place to meet people. I've been in the city [Toronto] for a while and half of my friends are artists, actors, musicians and Irie became  like an impromptu music venue. So when this place [Harlem] opened the idea was to create an artistic space which we provide with a stage upstairs.

Harlem Restaurant has two floors, both of which feature dining rooms with candlelit tables. The top floor has a stage where weekly entertainment is presented.

Top floor stage

After my Q&A, it was time to taste the delicious food. The menu was mounted on a vinyl record which a found to be quite clever. It really tied into the rustic chic theme. There were so many lip-smacking choices.  I had a difficult time choosing. Thankfully Carl Cassell provided some excellent suggestions, and oh was it extraordinary roller coaster ride for my taste buds.

I went with a group of friends so I was able to sample a few dishes. I started with a Miles Davis cocktail which was a mix of  Jamaican Overproof Rum, Peach Schnapps, mango, passion fruit juice and lemon. Cassell said that was a signature drink for Harlem.  It tasted smooth and was mixed just right. Next I sampled the Harlem Kool-Aide. This drink was made with Triple Sec, Melon Liquor and cranberry juice. It tasted tangy and sweet with just the right amount of alcohol. It was simply superb.

Harlem Restaurant
Miles Davis

Harlem Restaurant
Harlem Kool -Aide

We started by sharing a plate of Catfish Lafayette , which was breaded deep fried morsels of catfish served with a sweet chilli mayonnaise sauce for dipping. The breading was seasoned well and the catfish was light and flaky. The dipping sauce added an extra kick. However, I also found the catfish quite scrumptious on its own.  

Harlem Restaurant
Catfish Lafayette

Harlem Restaurant
Mac- n - Cheese
The baked Mac-n-Cheese sprinkled with Parmesan cheese was hearty, creamy and satisfying .  

Blackened Salmon 
Blackened Salmon is a creole inspired dish-- salmon topped with a seafood ├ętoufee sauce, served with mixed greens and coconut rice and peas. The interesting part of this dish was the mixed greens which was collard greens infused with carrots and celery. I have never had collard greens prepared in such a manner. I found it quite pleasing.

BBQ Jerk Chicken
The BBQ Jerk sauce really made the dish. The sauce was sweet with a hint of spice. I loved it so much I asked for a small container to carry home.

Coconut rice and peas
Rice is a very important componet to the Caribbean dish. This rice was fluffy and light with a pleasant hint of coconut flavor. It came very close to the sweetness of my mother's cooking.

Harlem Restaurant
Chicken and Waffles

The signature dish of Harlem is Chicken and Waffles. First, the presentation of the dish was the best I have ever seen. I have been to many restaurants that serve this dish and Harlem's presentation is the most attractive. I love that the chicken came with three dipping sauces - sweet and sour, maple syrup, and scotch-bonet-corriander-lime gravy. The chicken was exquisitely prepared --juicy, tender meat, covered in a thick, crispy batter. One bite and I feel under it's sinfully delicious spell. The waffles were fluffy with a tasty buttermilk flavor.

Mango Chiffon Cheese cake

My meal concluded with a signature slice of  Mango chiffon cheese cake. The delectable dessert was velvety light and heavenly extraordinary.

The dinner was accompanied by a comedy show presented by one of Toronto's top comedians +Quinn Martin. He was very entertaining and a great complement to a satisfying evening.

Quinn C Martin
Quinn C Martin - Comedian

Overall, my experience at Harlem Restaurant  was filled with appetizing foods, gracious portion sizes, friendly service and excellent entertainment. The restaurant provided a great taste of the traditional South with new twists of flavors. I truly had a marvelous time and look forward to returning in the future. So, next time your in Toronto, stop on by Harlem Restaurant  for a roller coaster ride your taste-buds will never forget.  Harlem Restaurant -East

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